We at scan2sail.com partner with the Association for Promotion of Sailing and Sailor's Ecological Awareness"Oštra bubamara". Among many projects, the Association also aims to help sailors preserve nature, both while navigating and resting. Check ou our nautical ecological manners guide translated in 5 languages, with tips and tricks on how to behave - ecologically.

We also offer other complimentary gifts to our clients: 

  • 30% discount voucher on Y KNOT handmade nautical bracelets
  • Complimentary (free) pizzas for each crew member in an authentic Dalmatian konoba Bare on the island of Prvic
  • 10% discount voucher in GARMIN shops in Zagreb and Split (for sailing destination Croatia)
  • Personalized nautical restaurants guide in selected sailing region (for sailing destination Croatia)

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